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  • Axis Solutions remain the leading fiscalisation solution supplier in Zimbabwe. Axis Solutions has acquired competencies in printer, electronic signature device and electronic tax register hardware support. We also provide interface development services to support the numerous point of sale applications in the market. We have developed RevMax, our modern fiscalisation solution which is both economic and easy to run. In addition to that, we have a point of sale software, RevPos, which is ZIMRA compliant and ZIMSWITCH compatible.

  • It is the Zimra approved multi-currency fiscal device for both receipting and invoicing that reports all your tax transactions and fiscal reports electronically. RevMax is digital and uses your computer network, which means no additional expenses for device spares. It is portable, faster, secure and saves you more.

  • Fiscalisation refers to configuring of fiscal devices to enable them to record sales and other tax information on the read-only fiscal memory at the time of sale for use by the regulator (ZIMRA) in Value Added Tax administration.

  • Registered operators can claim 50% of the cost of acquisition of the fiscal electronic registers as Input Tax on their VAT 7 Return.

    • A Certified Smart Card leveraging a trusted signature certificate signs each data record immediately at storing.
    • Write Once Read Multiple (WORM) - storage principle assures order and content of stored data cannot be modified in addition to cryptographic chaining of data records.
    • In case of data export, it is uniquely identifiable.
    • High integration ensures no extra devices need to be connected to the ECR. This makes it the most cost effective and best performing solution.
    • Flexible form factors that can seamlessly slot into any environment (SD Card, MicroSD or USB dongle)

    • Fiscalised electronic registers, also referred to as electronic tax registers (ETRs)
    • Fiscalised printers; and
    • Electronic signature devices (ESDs)
    • RevMax : Capable of capturing information on transactions and sending to Zimra

  • Registered operators can claim 50% of the cost of acquisition of the fiscal electronic registers as Input Tax on their VAT 7 Return.

  • Axis Solutions as a Zimra approved supplier will assist you in identifying appropriate devices, install the devices as well as provide training on appropriate usage.

  • Once payment for the RevMax fiscal device has been processed, your company is given an FRT1 form to fill all company details for submission to Zimra for Registration. The form can be requested via email sales@axissol.com or downloaded from Zimra website www.zimra.co.zw


    1. Quotation
    2. Payment
    3. Share Proof of Payment: sales@axissol.com/accounts@axissol.com with Company physical address, BPN, VAT, Contact Person and Cell Numbers
    4. Receive FRT1 Form & Tax Invoice with device serial number
    5. Complete FRT1 Form and submit to Axis solutions
    6. Receive the Device registration Number from ZIMRA (ZIMRA Fiscalisation office, Kurima House, 3rd floor) or via Axis Solutions
    7. If from Zimra send the registration number to registrations@axissol.com
    8. Collect device at Axis Solutions & get Implementation date from Helpdesk. helpdesk@axissol.com

  • 134,470 ZWL This is inclusive of the annual maintenance fee of 185USD

  • Axis Solutions (Private) Limited is an approved supplier

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