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World class virtualisation and storage solutions for the ultimate data center
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World class virtualisation and storage solutions for the ultimate data center.
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Axis Solutions, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions in Zimbabwe
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Improve productivity and unleash the full potential of your mobile workforce with Axis Solutions’ offering of mobile computing technologies.
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One stop shop for fiscalisation and retail automation solutions
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Automate point of service operations with fiscalisation compliant hardware and software solutions for all types of environments.
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Ensuring peak performance
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Streamline the performance of your IT infrastructure with world class security, optimisation and management tools.
  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists. The ECM model were first defined by AIIM as follows: •    capture •    manage

  • Enterprise Mobility

    In today’s mobile world, more workers are using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, as well as accessing cloud services, to conduct their business on a day-to-day basis. Enterprise mobility refers to this shift in business practices, where more employees work outside the office and must access corporate data to conduct daily tasks. With

  • Storage & Virtualization

    Server virtualization is the idea of taking a physical server and, with the help of virtualization software (VMware), partitioning the server, or dividing it up, so that it appears as several “virtual servers,” each of which can run their own copy of an operating system thus reducing the number of physical servers required to run

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